• The 2nd Annual Global Hemp Manufacturing and






    Inspiring the next generation of global innovators using Hemp in the medical and building construction industries


    The Global Hemp Summit in partnership with Morel Industries and the Australian Hemp Manufacturing Company are incredibly excited to be holding the 2nd global summit at the intersection of hemp manufacturing, innovation and R&D in the world's most liveable city, Melbourne.


    Hemp is an ancient crop that has been used for many things over the centuries: Food, textiles, ropes, ship sails, building materials and medicinally.


    This exciting summit will showcase industry experts, academics and entrepreneurs involved in Hemp research and commercial experience to share their knowledge at an innovative forum in the Startup nation.


    This 3 day conference will include discussions and insight on cutting edge medical, food, textile and building applications.


    The program will provide a forum to share knowledge and develop and support collaborative research into all aspects of the cultivation, farming, harvesting and commercial use of hemp based products.


    We've got a jam packed 3 days


    Location: Graduate House


    Thursday October 1st, 2020


    Registration [8am - 9am]


    Industrial Hemp [9am - 5pm]


    • Welcome and research papers
    • Plenary
    • The basics – the plant
    • Farming and cropping
    • Products and their markets
    • Properties of hemp species
    • Barriers to growing hemp – legal issues/ drugs
    • and poisons regs.
    • Breakout seminars Research papers – Building stream/Medicinal stream/Products stream

    Conference Dinner [7pm-10pm]




    Location: Graduate House


    Friday October 2nd, 2020


    Steam 1: Medicinal Cannabis and Consumer Products



    Stream 2: Sustainable building research



    Location: Melbourne University Dookie Campus


    Saturday October 3rd, 2020


    Field Trip: 8am - 6pm



    Ariel University was established in 1982. Israel's newest university is evolving into a major institution of research and higher education and taking its place among the ranks of Israel's universities.


    The faculties of Ariel University include Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as Schools of Architecture and Communications which offer .B.A., B.Sc., B.Ha., B.Tech and B.Arch. studies.


    Ariel University is home to a variety of research centers, including an integrative brain science center, an applied cancer research center, a center for robotics research and applications, a homeland security R & D center, a world-renowned materials research center, and the Schlesinger Center for Radiation Sources and Applications (FEL – free electron laser particle accelerator). The Institute for Wine Research, in partnership with the Samaria and Jordan Rift R&D Center stands at the forefront of Israeli high-tech in the fields of wine research and development.

    The ARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing is the centrepiece for collaborative, eco-friendly, prefabricated housing research in Australia, striving to deliver breakthrough product and process innovations that will enable the Australian housing industry to compete on a global stage.

    The centre aims to unlock the potential growth of Australia’s prefabricated building industry by creating a co-operative training system between industry and universities leading to local employment growth and increased exports of prefabricated products and services.

    Administered by the University of Melbourne, and led by Professor Priyan Mendis and Professor Tuan Ngo from Department of Infrastructure Engineering, the
    Centre brings together a highly collaborative venture involving four universities and twelve industry partners.

    This initiative, which has attracted funding of $6M over four years, including significant investment from the Australian Research Council, is testament to the critical importance of this industry in Australia, and demonstrates the value that both industry and government place in collaborative, cross-disciplinary research.


    Visit the website for more information:


    The Australian Hemp Manufacturing Company is a 100% Australian company dedicated to researching and developing environmentally sound building and construction materials. AHMC has been developed as a resource for the building industry, highlighting the benefits and importance of using environmentally sustainable materials and practices. By using natural, renewable, smarter building materials we will reduce our reliance on the forests and petro/chemical based products thus:

    • Reducing the impact building has on the environment.
    • Helping to be a part of the climate change solution and increase carbon awareness in mainstream building.

    Morel was founded in 2000 in Beit She'an, in the Valley of the Springs. Since its establishment, the company has been developing and manufacturing sealing and finishing products
    For construction, blue and white, premium quality. During the course of 2017, the Moral Group acquired an area of ​​7 dunams, in order to build a new and advanced plant, the construction of the plant is planned

    To be completed during the year 2019.

    The cornerstones that outline the Company's business approach are:

    1. Love thy neighbour as thyself.
    2. Product quality and service.
    3. Reliability and loyalty to the road and customers.
    4. Providing optimal solutions to the customer.
    5. Environment - Green thinking.
    6. Industrial promotion - blue and white.

    Eastern R&D Center

    The Eastern R&D Center was established in 1998 as one of ten peripheral research centers, designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology to engage in applicative academic research. The Eastern R&D Center is academically regulated by the Ariel University and administratively by the ministry of Science and Technology. According to the mandate given, the Samaria and Jordan Rift regional research center objectives are to engage in academic research that is aimed to establish specific understanding of regional aspects in social, environmental and agricultural fields of R&D for the welfare of the local communities.

    Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange (CMTREX)

    CMTREX (Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange), is an IT-driven platform that provides integrated trading solutions for the global legal cannabis and hemp markets. Leveraging off IP developed in global physical commodities markets, CMTREX facilitates secure, efficient and transparent trading of authenticated cannabis-based inventory to approved wholesale buyers and sellers. CMTREX was both co-founded by and incubated by iCAN: Israel Cannabis, a leader in accelerating and commercializing products for the global cannabis market.



    Dr. David Ian Wilson

    The University of Melbourne


    Dr. Yaakov Anker,

    Ariel University and The Eastern R&D Center


    Dr. Jonathan Goralik

    The Eastern R&D Center


    Dr. Yaniv Knop

    Ariel University


    Accommodation Options


    Delegates will need to arrange their own accommodation. Here are some convenient options located within a 10 minute walk from Graduate House.


    Rydges on Swanston [4 star hotel]

    701 Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053


    The Best Western Plus Travel Inn Hotel [4 star hotel]

    225 Drummond St, Carlton VIC 3053


    Ibis Melbourne Swanston Street

    609 Swanston St, Carlton VIC 3053

    Conference Venue

    The conference will be hosted at the distinguished Graduate House, opposite The University of Melbourne.


    Field Trip - Dookie Campus

    The final day of the conference will involve a field trip to Melbourne University's Dookie Campus, which is a centre for global agricultural best practices.


    Early interest is strong and you won't want to miss your spot at the table. With limited places available, make sure you get in early and register now!


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    Looking forward to seeing you in October 2020 in Melbourne!



    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of something special. This conference is your chance to be at the cutting edge of innovation using Hemp as both a medical and building product.


    We can't wait to see you.